The Bound Heart By: Dawn Crandall

Favorite line: “Follow Me, beloved, out of this cave and through the coming water. Come out of the darkness, once and for all. I have so much more for you. And I love you-still.”

The Bound Heart was a beautiful story of putting your faith in God and learning to love yourself. Through this story, Meredyth Summercourt has to learn who she loves, but in order for that to happen, Meredyth has to learn to love herself and understand her true worth.


Meredyth Summercourt believes she loves Vance Everstone, but when Lawry Hampton comes back into her life, she isn’t sure what to do. Through an incident that happened with Meredyth and Vance, it would seem proper for Vance to marry Meredyth. When Vance goes away for a while, Lawry Hampton (an old friend) comes back into Meredyth’s life and she begins falling in love with him. It turns out that Lawry loved Meredyth all along. Because of the scandalous incident between Meredyth and Vance, Meredyth feels as though she does not deserve Lawry. As time goes one, Meredyth thinks she is free from Vance and falls madly in love with Lawry. The love between them is one you will never forget.

This story was such a beautiful read. Crandall incorporates the love of God all throughout and it makes her stories marvelous. She puts her characters through many struggles and trials that they are able to overcome only because they turn to God and allow Him to direct their paths. Crandall basically puts her characters through the wringer. I love how all of her main characters in some way must put their faith in God and through that, they find the paths that they are supposed to take.

The Bound Heart was beautifully written. Crandall has a keen eye for detail and as you read her stories, it is quite apparent. As I was reading this story, I couldn’t put it down, I kept wanting to know what would happen next. She keeps you on the edge of your seat and will keep you reading into the late hours of the night. I would recommend this book to girls in their teens and above. It was a fabulous read.

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