Claire’s Hope By: T.k. Chapin

Claire’s Hope was a realistic view of how tragedy, adversity, and love can lead to redemption, overcoming life’s challenges, growth, and leading to God. At the beginning, I was a little skeptical on how much I was going to enjoy this book, but as the story went on, I grew to enjoy it. T.k. Chapin is an incredible author who understands reality as it truly is. *MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS*

25729418    Claire is the main character of this story. In the beginning, life is just normal in her household and then suddenly her life takes a turn. After partying one evening, she gets a call from her Aunt Jennie who tells her that her parents have died in a fatal car accident. What is she going to do? What is her brother Todd going to do? Claire decides instead of living with her very Christian aunt and uncle, she goes and lives with her boyfriend Matt. Her little brother Todd, decides to live with his aunt and uncle.  Claire, being a high-school dropout, has to find a way to survive. One day, Matt comes home furious with Claire because he had seen her talking with another boy named Joshua. Matt starts to talk to Claire and becomes very violent. He becomes so violent, that he slaps and strangles her. Luckily Todd was there and intervened slightly, but just enough for Claire to gain consciousness and get away from Matt.This abusive incident sends Matt to jail . Even though Claire had seen the signs of an abusive relationship with Matt, she still wanted to make their relationship work and obviously, it would not work out.

Joshua is a boy who is madly in love with Claire, no matter her faults. He had always been a friend to her but then they started to become more than friends. Claire has fallen in love with him, but in order for her to love him, she must love herself first. Joshua doesn’t care about she has done in her past and chooses to love her anyway, even if it will take time, he is set on making their relationship work. Claire tells Joshua that she is pregnant with Matt’s child and he still wants to help her any way he possibly can.

Now what was Claire to do? She decides to go live with her friend Nicole, which doesn’t quite go as planned and decides to go live with her aunt and uncle. Claire chooses not to tell anyone about her pregnancy until she finds the right moment. One day, Claire decides to go to church with the family and overhears girls talking about how a girl is pregnant. Instantly, Claire thinks that Joshua has leaked her secret, even though he hadn’t. Claire runs away and decides to stay in a homeless shelter with her unborn child, named Hope. She struggles through life’s challenges, but keeps going. One day, she goes to her OBGYN to have a look at her child. Her doctor tells her that she needs to have her baby that day, because she is afraid that an infection could be spreading. Claire makes her way over to the hospital and asks her aunt to come. Claire goes into labor, but after having her child, she goes into a coma for a month. When she awakes, Joshua is right there next to her.

As the story comes to an end, everything comes together. Claire finds God and begins to love herself, which allows her to accept love from other people. Joshua and Claire get married and begin a new life together with Hope. Everyone is living a life that God had intended for them and continue in the path of faith and love.

I enjoyed reading Claire’s Hope, usually realistic stories aren’t my thing, but this is definitely a fabulous read. The thing that I enjoyed most, was the love that existed between Joshua and Claire. Even though Claire had a hard time accepting love from other people, she eventually came to love herself. I would rate Claire’s Hope a four out of five, I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved how T.k. Chapin is able to truly understand life’s challenges. I would recommend this book for teens and up.


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