The Lost Heiress (Ladies of the Manor Book #1) By: Roseanna M. White

I am absolutely obsessed with this book! It came out a while ago, but it was so captivating and exciting. But befo51HweGVPdzL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_re I get too ahead of myself, can we just take in the beauty of this cover?! I mean holy smokes! It’s absolutely stunning. Now, let’s get into the review shall we? *POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD*

Brook Eden never truly felt like she ever had home roots as she grew up in Monaco until one day everything changed. Brook’s best friend aka love of her life Justin comes and they both find out that Brook is the lost heiress of Eden and the Baroness of Berkley. Not only does this come as a shock, but she is put into a life she has never lived and many do not like her at the start.

As time goes on and she begins to get used to her new surroundings, Brook discovers the mystery behind her mother’s death and how it is connected to a hidden treasure. Brook begins to dive deeper into this dangerous mystery. As she finds more clues, she finds the truth that was hidden behind her mother’s death or quite possibly murder.

This story was full of surprises and mysteries. Danger lurks around every corner where Brook explores. Will Brook find out the truth before being silenced like her mother?

Roseanna White is such an amazing author. She has such a keen eye for detail and it allows you to feel as though you were in the scenes with the characters. I enjoyed every minute of this book with its mystery, romance, and suspense. If you love shows like Downton Abbey, then you will love The Lost Heiress.


A Chance at Love By: T.K. Chapin


I have read one book of T.K. Chapin’s before this and I thoroughly enjoyed it. However, I much more into historical romance and the regency era. A lot of the time, it’s a hit or miss with more realistic stories. This was not my favorite story that Chapin has written, but I must admit it was a nice light-hearted read.

A Chance at Love is a story of a pizza boy named Kyle who is just trying to find his purpose in the world. At the beginning of the story, he is taking some pizza to a church and falls madly in love with a girl named Emily. Little does he know, Emily is holding a secret inside of her and is scared to tell Kyle.

As the story goes on Kyle is able to find his path back to God. There are road bumps and trials that come up in his life and through those trials come blessings.

If you are looking for a light-hearted read, then this is the book for you. It is not always everyone’s favorite type of genre, but for some it is. I was happy to read this story for T. K. Chapin in exchange for an honest review.



The Golden Braid By: Melanie Dickerson

 Melanie Dickerson has done it again! Not only has she blown us away with yet another stunning book cover, but also a story that will bring a smile to your face and a feeling of suspense all in on. I absolutely loved reading this book and once I started, I couldn’t stop! Dickerson has a beautiful way of incorporating  her faith into her stories and I love that about her writing. *MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS*

Dickerson is known for taking a fairytale and putting her own twist on it. In this story, she puts her own twist on the story of Rapunzel.

It starts off with a peasant girl named Rapunzel and her mother, Gothel. From the start, you find that Gothel is rather strange. She makes sure that Rapunzel is always covering her hair in a shawl of some sort and more.

Rapunzel is a peasant girl, or so you’d think. She has ankle length golden hair and has quite the aim with a knife.

In the beginning, Rapunzel has been proposed to by a man she has no desire to marry. Gothel finds out and tells Rapunzel that they are moving. On the strenuous journey to Hagenheim, a band of robbers come up on them. Luckily a valiant knight of Duke Wilhelm (The King of Hagenheim) saves them.

As the story goes on, Rapunzel is learning to read in German. She knows how to do basically everything except for that. Her dream has come true. When her lessons are coming to an end, Mother Gothel finds out about the secret she has been hiding and is very upset with her. Gothel has a past in Hagenheim and tells Rapunzel that they are going to move….again. Rapunzel does not want to leave, so she runs away and becomes a maid at the Hagenheim Castle.

Throughout this whole story, Rapunzel and Gerek (the knight) have a love hate relationship. But once Rapunzel comes to work at the castle, everything changes.

Throughout this whole story, secrets are being hidden. Is Mother Gothel truly Rapunzel’s mother? Is Rapunzel captured and locked in a tower? Is Gerek her knight in shining armor?

All of these questions will be answered once you read The Golden Braid.

This was an absolutely beautiful story and I continue to look forward to Dickerson’s new books.

The Captive Imposter By: Dawn Crandall

The Captive Imposter is the third book in the Everstone series. The book was just as fantastic as the first two. Ian so glad to have had the opportunity to read and review for Dawn Crandall.

In The Captive Imposter, Estella Everstone has basically gone into “hiding” because of something that happened in her family. The Everstone family is extremely wealthy and well known in society. Estella has to put all of the riches and fancy materialistic things behind her, for now. She takes on the alias Elle Stoneburner and begins a new job of taking care of an older woman. No one truly knows that Elle is Estella. As the story continues, Elle falls in love with a man named Mr. Blakeley this is a very risky task, because Mr. Blakeley believes that Elle has no family, wealth, an no inheritance, when truly she is Estella Everstone and has all of those things. Will the love between these two last? Or be torn apart because of bitter incidents from the past?  

 Crandall knows how to write in the moment and that is just what her stories consist of. She has a keen eye for detail and that is one main reason I enjoy reading her books so much. She incorporates her love of God into every one of her stories and it makes them even more beautiful.

This story had twists and turns you would never expect. The wording and storyline in all of Dawn Crandall’s books is always put together wonderfully. I would recommend this book to girls in their teens and above. 

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The Bound Heart By: Dawn Crandall

Favorite line: “Follow Me, beloved, out of this cave and through the coming water. Come out of the darkness, once and for all. I have so much more for you. And I love you-still.”

The Bound Heart was a beautiful story of putting your faith in God and learning to love yourself. Through this story, Meredyth Summercourt has to learn who she loves, but in order for that to happen, Meredyth has to learn to love herself and understand her true worth.


Meredyth Summercourt believes she loves Vance Everstone, but when Lawry Hampton comes back into her life, she isn’t sure what to do. Through an incident that happened with Meredyth and Vance, it would seem proper for Vance to marry Meredyth. When Vance goes away for a while, Lawry Hampton (an old friend) comes back into Meredyth’s life and she begins falling in love with him. It turns out that Lawry loved Meredyth all along. Because of the scandalous incident between Meredyth and Vance, Meredyth feels as though she does not deserve Lawry. As time goes one, Meredyth thinks she is free from Vance and falls madly in love with Lawry. The love between them is one you will never forget.

This story was such a beautiful read. Crandall incorporates the love of God all throughout and it makes her stories marvelous. She puts her characters through many struggles and trials that they are able to overcome only because they turn to God and allow Him to direct their paths. Crandall basically puts her characters through the wringer. I love how all of her main characters in some way must put their faith in God and through that, they find the paths that they are supposed to take.

The Bound Heart was beautifully written. Crandall has a keen eye for detail and as you read her stories, it is quite apparent. As I was reading this story, I couldn’t put it down, I kept wanting to know what would happen next. She keeps you on the edge of your seat and will keep you reading into the late hours of the night. I would recommend this book to girls in their teens and above. It was a fabulous read.

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Claire’s Hope By: T.k. Chapin

Claire’s Hope was a realistic view of how tragedy, adversity, and love can lead to redemption, overcoming life’s challenges, growth, and leading to God. At the beginning, I was a little skeptical on how much I was going to enjoy this book, but as the story went on, I grew to enjoy it. T.k. Chapin is an incredible author who understands reality as it truly is. *MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS*

25729418    Claire is the main character of this story. In the beginning, life is just normal in her household and then suddenly her life takes a turn. After partying one evening, she gets a call from her Aunt Jennie who tells her that her parents have died in a fatal car accident. What is she going to do? What is her brother Todd going to do? Claire decides instead of living with her very Christian aunt and uncle, she goes and lives with her boyfriend Matt. Her little brother Todd, decides to live with his aunt and uncle.  Claire, being a high-school dropout, has to find a way to survive. One day, Matt comes home furious with Claire because he had seen her talking with another boy named Joshua. Matt starts to talk to Claire and becomes very violent. He becomes so violent, that he slaps and strangles her. Luckily Todd was there and intervened slightly, but just enough for Claire to gain consciousness and get away from Matt.This abusive incident sends Matt to jail . Even though Claire had seen the signs of an abusive relationship with Matt, she still wanted to make their relationship work and obviously, it would not work out.

Joshua is a boy who is madly in love with Claire, no matter her faults. He had always been a friend to her but then they started to become more than friends. Claire has fallen in love with him, but in order for her to love him, she must love herself first. Joshua doesn’t care about she has done in her past and chooses to love her anyway, even if it will take time, he is set on making their relationship work. Claire tells Joshua that she is pregnant with Matt’s child and he still wants to help her any way he possibly can.

Now what was Claire to do? She decides to go live with her friend Nicole, which doesn’t quite go as planned and decides to go live with her aunt and uncle. Claire chooses not to tell anyone about her pregnancy until she finds the right moment. One day, Claire decides to go to church with the family and overhears girls talking about how a girl is pregnant. Instantly, Claire thinks that Joshua has leaked her secret, even though he hadn’t. Claire runs away and decides to stay in a homeless shelter with her unborn child, named Hope. She struggles through life’s challenges, but keeps going. One day, she goes to her OBGYN to have a look at her child. Her doctor tells her that she needs to have her baby that day, because she is afraid that an infection could be spreading. Claire makes her way over to the hospital and asks her aunt to come. Claire goes into labor, but after having her child, she goes into a coma for a month. When she awakes, Joshua is right there next to her.

As the story comes to an end, everything comes together. Claire finds God and begins to love herself, which allows her to accept love from other people. Joshua and Claire get married and begin a new life together with Hope. Everyone is living a life that God had intended for them and continue in the path of faith and love.

I enjoyed reading Claire’s Hope, usually realistic stories aren’t my thing, but this is definitely a fabulous read. The thing that I enjoyed most, was the love that existed between Joshua and Claire. Even though Claire had a hard time accepting love from other people, she eventually came to love herself. I would rate Claire’s Hope a four out of five, I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved how T.k. Chapin is able to truly understand life’s challenges. I would recommend this book for teens and up.

The Hesitant Heiress By: Dawn Crandall

This book was an absolute delight to read. Not to mention how incredible the cover is, this book will truly keep you on the edge of your seat as you read about a romance like never before. If you enjoy Pride and Prejudice, then the Everstone Chronicles are definitely for you. *MAY CONTAIN 10418479_10206247404397389_7855298754959984821_nSPOILERS*

First off, I am just going to put it out there that Dawn Crandall has the most amazing eye for detail. She cares about tiny details, so that you are able to imagine yourself in each one of the scenes. In every scene, I imagined what the rooms looked like, the scenery, and even what the people looked like. As I kept on reading this book, I fell more and more in love with it. Crandall has definitely made it to the top of my list of favorite authors.

This story revolves around Amaryllis Brigham. Before the story truly begins, you find that she had lost her mom at sea and her dad sent her away to live as a well brought up woman. But sadly her father dies in a mysterious fire in a barn that he owned. As years go by, Amaryllis has been at The Boston Conservatory of Music. She is a passionate piano player and an incredible one at that. Amaryllis finds out that the conservatory has expelled her from their school after they received a letter addressed from Bram Everstone. As she is forced to leave the conservatory, she is taken in to live with her Aunt, Claudine Abernathy. Might I add that Claudine Abernathy is quite a chatter box, who always has to be caught up on the latest gossip. Claudine shares with Amaryllis that her cousin Lawry and a few others are coming into town. Little did Amaryllis know that the one she falls madly in love with will be in that group.

Now we must talk about Nathan Everstone, the son of Bram Everstone. The Everstones are extremely wealthy and well known in society. Nathan has known about Amaryllis for a long time, but has never physically met her before. Finally, he gets a chance to meet her and she definitely plays hard to get. This drives Nathan absolutely crazy, because he is madly in love with her, even if she won’t admit it to him.

Something that is crucial to know is that in order for Amaryillis to receive her inheritance of a great sum of money and multiple mansion-like homes, she must marry by the sixteenth of February the following year. She truly had no interest in marrying soon, until Nathan Everstone stumbled into her life. Do they fall in love? Are there romantic moments in the rain? Well, I guess you will have to read the book to find out for yourself.

This book is definitely full of twists and turns that even surprised me, but like I said, if you love Pride and Prejudice, then this is the book for you. I would definitely recommend this book to  girls in their teens and above. This has truly become one of my all time favorite books and I would rate it a five out of five. If you enjoyed reading this book, Dawn Crandall has two others in the series. The second book is called The Bound Heart. Following that one, she has her final one so far called The Captive Imposter.